03 January 2009

This is my Grown-Up Blog

As I was updating my Homeschool Blog this morning (for the sixth time in two years) and then updating my LJ and checking MySpace, I realized that maybe I was going about this all wrong. Much as I've loved my LJ, I honestly think I've outgrown it. It's become a very convenient excuse to vent and rant to several close friends...and that's about it.

I need some place to organize my regular day to day stuff--homeschooling, homesteading, religious views, Christian woman stuff, and survivalism.

I need a place to put my favorite links that deal with all of this.

I need some place to be a grown-up.

LJ allows me to still be a crazy fangirl for my one-and-only TV addiction: Stargate. But I feel like it's allowed me to stagnate and not move ahead in other areas of my life. So...it's time for a little maturity and sober introspection.

And here it shall start.

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