28 February 2009

In the true spirit of the New Year and getting my life back in order, I have been working on all of the paperwork and crazy-ness in my life.

At work I have now gotten all of the backend filing and miscellaneous things caught up as of this week, as well as the consult billing done through the end of 2008. This means I can now move forward on this year's billing (which will take a couple of days) and finish getting new charts together for next month. I cannot tell you how good this feels!

At home I've gradually been working on taking back my sanity (and bedroom) from the stacks of papers and binders that seem to have multiplied exponentially in the last year and a half. It's been very disheartening to realize that I've lost so much time and energy trying to find things when it was all right underneath my fingertips the whole time. In all fairness it's been a long year and a half, and I thank God it's over and done with and regular life can now resume. I sincerely do not want to have to go through another cycle of trying to find a few decent employees at work. Ever.

I am currently working on putting my sons' homeschooling portfolios together for the end of the year, and then I'm moving on to lesson planning for the last four or five months. I am also hoping to get my seed orders together this week and make up the wish lists for homeschool items to get once we get our tax refund. *sigh* It's so nice to be able to breathe again.

Time to get back to work.

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