21 May 2009

In a fit of sheer insanity (and maybe in an effort to up the ante on my survival prep), I started re-reading the entire Left Behind series.

I did most of the first nine books in one day per book spurts.
Insanity, I tell you.

I suppose what I should post here is that I have been inspired to delve more deeply into Biblical prophesy and daily reading.
*wrinkles nose*
I have...but that was in the works before I started reading.

I should say that I have been renewed in my reasons for getting our household prepped for whatever disasters might come our way.
Yes....I have. But it wasn't just that...

Okay it's confession time.
I loved Mac McCullum from the moment he stared at the red moon...and began pesting Rafe for an evening meeting. In my mind, he's 42 and barely out of his prime....and he looks far too much like a certain Colonel than I like to admit. I couldn't help myself. He just morphed himself right into John. I can't tell you how much I love that he survives to the Glorious Appearing...and then goes on to celebrate his 1000th birthday in the end book. Very cool.

I just finished Glorious Appearing and need to get the last two books to read.
All I will say about the series is this: if it doesn't prod you into believing, then you're past the point of caring.

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