07 October 2009

It's a wonderful sunny, blustery autumn day outside...and I'm sitting here at the computer with a Rerun Pig on my lap, trying to find some Beatrix Potter activities for Manling #4. He's really into Peter Rabbit at the moment, so I thought I'd see if I can find some lapbook inspiration for him. (He's getting into his Rabbit one--I'm having less trouble with motivation on his part than with Manling #3 and the Bee Lapbook he BEGGED FOR...and isn't working on. *sigh*)

That's a little better. Re wanted to run, so I have both hands free now. She's a good pig but very insistent on ear-scratches and chin-scratches when she's on your lap. Not that I can blame her!

I'm thinking I'll have him make a little flap-book as we read through his Beatrix Potter Collection--like we did with the one James Herriot book that he and Manling #3 loved so much. Just a little picture to coordinate with the story and a short narrative about each one. Nothing real indepth--just something to spork his brain into thinking mode. He really isn't ready to "write" but sometimes you can sneak it past him! *feels a little devious*

The next thing I need to do is get our Civil War stuff together. I promised my older two that unit this year, and if I don't deliver there may be blood....mine!

I also need to find some Bible studies for our Bible Notebook. I think we're going to work on that collectively this year...and then they can branch out into their own next year if they decide to.

Heavens....here I'm thinking they aren't 'Doing' anything....and I'm up to my ears in stuff to gather up for them! I think going back to notebooking and lapbooking was definitely the way to go. Thank the Lord for making that clear.

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