15 October 2009

Gift Card Giveaway

Checked out the Food Analyzer over at Emergency Essentials.

It’s nice…but if you’ve already got a pretty established food storage, it’s going to be a weekend project to input all your stuff. (This is where we run into problems, ‘cause there’s no list for home-canned and frozen garden stuffs, and a lot of my store-bought items are not in there.)

If you’ve already got a working tracking system for your storage, I’d say skip it. (Unless you use it to track your Emergency Essentials purchases, which I think I’ll do.)

If you’re just starting out and don’t have much to input, this is definitely a go. It’ll help you keep track of your purchases and what you’re missing and how much you’ve really got on hand.

Nice graphics! And it’s dial-up friendly.

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