27 August 2010

Time To Get it Together

After a year of working at work AND at home, I'm beat.

We've gotten to the point at work where I'm about as caught up as we're ever gonna be.  Consequently I am now looking forward to having some Real Time to start cleaning up and re-organizing my home.  I've gotten very tired of "knowing" I have something and not being able to find it.  And let me tell you...after almost four years of just trying to keep up, I can't find much of anything!! 

The last couple of weeks of canning/freezing have also been spent taking inventory of what's downstairs in the storage room.  At this point, I can say with some conviction that we will simply NEVER run out of corn...and I'm completely out of Pumpkin Bread.  (Although I made batches and batches of the stuff 3 weeks ago!)  LOL

So some of the items we still need to prepare for the rest of the upcoming winter season are:
  • pumpkin bread, pie, muffins, and cheesecake
  • tomatoes/zucchini canned together (using up the last of the zucchini and the stray tomatoes)
  • homemade ketchsup
  • canned ham/broth
  • canned turkey/broth
  • canned Huey-Rabbit if my DH has anything to say about it!  *EEK*
I'm too exhausted at the moment to go into all the other stuff I need to worry about...but I am going to spend most of this weekend getting my "attack list" together.  Then we'll start Deep Cleaning the house.  First up?  My closet.  Ack.

I also need to get some more quality online time too.  I've got tons of stuff I want to get printed off and organize in my Emergency Prep Binder.

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