10 January 2012

Positively Filthy Rich

It's been a rough day...and God knows I needed a bit of a kick in the pants to remember that my current "mess" is my own fault.  But in the midst of the mess, He also wanted to point out the fairly obvious:  no matter how "poor" we might be by America's standards?  We have SO MUCH when compared to the rest of the world.  It's absolutely appalling, the waste and excess in this house.  I can state without blinking an eye that I had NO idea just how much Stuff was sitting in my laundry room.  Granted, a lot of what was on the shelves in there was storage.  I keep extra paper towels and laundry soap ingredients up above the washer and dryer.  One wall has wire shelving for cans and jars.  But it was the Stuff I didn't know about--things I had just haphazardly stuffed in an open space because I would get to it "later"...and later just happened to be today.  

I'll spare you the gory details of what necessitated the emptying of my laundry room.  But the cleaning led to a huddled discussion with The Hubby about when/how we were tiling the floor in there.  Why not now, we decided.  We had got the tile a couple of months ago, and there were a couple of items to pick up at the hardware store to complete the project (tile grout, etc).  So we picked up the Older Manlings from VoTech, went to lunch, and then to Lowe's.  When we got home, the Manlings and I all finished emptying the laundry room and stripping the walls.

Which brings me to the point of this post:
Regardless of how AWFUL my days may seem, the sheer insanity of life that astounds, the complete idiocy of some decisions made around here, we have life GOOD.  

No, not good.  We have it GREAT.

I can walk into my pantry...or the laundry room...or the cellarway...or go downstairs to the storage room....and I can fix any one of a dozen...maybe two or three dozen..different meals because I have everything I need.  When compared with places like Africa and India, we are positively Filthy Rich.  


  1. I keep a gratitude journal on the window sill in front of my kitchen sink. Every night, after I take my medicine, I jot down at least 3 things I'm grateful for. It's such a great exercise and it does bless you as you write them and read back on them.

    1. Oooo...I like that idea too. I don't always remember to update my blog (as you can see, I'm stuck on No. 11). But a journal on the kitchen sink would literally be right under my nose most every evening. Thanks!

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