08 January 2012

Well, despite the fact that we called a couple of Sick Days for the end of the week thanks to this nasty little upper respiratory bugger, I think I got more done than I'd hoped for.  All things considered, I should give myself a bit of a pat on the back.

Weekly Accomplishments:
1.  School work--I sat in my favorite chair, huddled in a blanket, sipping hot tea like I had no tomorrows for three days, and still we managed to get everything done (except the State Study, and that is NOT priority).  Go me!

2.  Obviously starting my Cleaning Rampage was not on for the week, BUT!  I felt better on Friday and decided to mow through some of the mess in my bedroom.  UGH.  It was a mistake, 'cause the dust I kicked up just made me feel worse again the next two days...but there was a serious amount of mess taken care of.  So...Bonus Points for Mommy!

3.  Paperwork--Oh Lord....it follows me around wherever I go!  Please, slay this dragon for me!  *deep sigh*  Yeah, He helps those who help themselves, right?  Well, then maybe I'll get a reprieve for a bit.  I went through most of the bookshelves in my Home Office area and filed and sorted and prioritized and even conquered some of the "to do list".  

4.  Menu Plans--Why am I struggling so hard with these?  I updated the Recipe Binder, organized a whole bunch of meals behind the plans, and I still just can't sit down and MAKE UP THE MENU.  I even printed off some other people's weekly suggestions for lunches, etc.  Stuff that we'll eat and are acceptable budget-wise.  So why can't I just go for it and make the menus??  *stops to consider*  

I think part of this problem is that I am not very adventuresome in the kitchen.  I worry too much that something will flop or the Manlings won't eat it or DH won't like it.  I know I shouldn't let that limit me, but it's frustrating when you want to try new things and are worried all the men in your house won't eat it.  (Not that I can honestly say this has ever happened...completely.  There are one or two protestors regularly whenever I make something; but it scares me!)  

Well...I guess I'm going to have to deal with it.  'Cause the menu I did manage to cobble together for this week is a LOT of new stuff.  More Bean recipes and a couple of Red Meat recipes (which is something we don't do often with DH's gout). 

5.  Family Genealogy--I stumbled across a scholarship that Manling #1 is eligible for since becoming an Eagle Scout.  One of the requirements is to fill out a 4 Generation Ancestor Chart.  Lo and behold, you can now find the Family History binders on my newly-cleaned shelves...and I went through and filled most of it out for him last evening.  And then I started poking around on ancestry.com AGAIN.  And I decided to put up My Basic Family Tree and another for the Hubby.  Around 11 o'clock last night, I finally decided to stop for the night....  Heh.  I showed the Manlings this morning (and they all pretended to be suitably impressed, good children that they are), and they asked if I'm going to continue.  I think, yes.  I've got A LOT of information I've gathered over the years.  It deserves some organization and updating.  Once I get that all sorted and uploaded, then I'll get my membership renewed and start some more research.  *sigh of contentment*  I like not working....

On the To Do List for this week?
1. Start my Cleaning Rampage.
2. Can some chicken stock.
3.  Finish cleaning the bedroom.
4.  Plan our family vacation for Memorial Day.
5.  Start working on the boys' official high school transcripts.

Oh ambition...where art thou??

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  1. My menu planning has not been going well. Usually it's one of the few responsibilities I'm always on top of. It's aggravating! Good luck with this week's to do list!