27 May 2015

Winter Projects and Books 2015

Yes, of course it's the end of May and I'm planning my projects for the upcoming winter.  Heavens!  When else would you?  If I wait till winter gets here...well, that's called "Procrastination" and I am not one of those!  A-hem.

I will, naturally, add to and amend the list as needed throughout the summer/fall.  I'm going to tack the Reading List on here too....so I don't forget where I put it. 

Winter Projects 2015
1.  Corn/Rice/Flax bags for heat/cold packs.  
My boss when I worked at The Office had a lovely rice bag she would use to keep warm when our side of the office hallway was freezing (which was nearly always because the heat didn't work in the winter and the A/C was stuck in "high cold" all summer).  I used it when I was in after-hours to keep my fingers from freezing to my keyboard, and it was a lovely little thing.  I've been meaning to make some for at home for years now, but it's one of those "not really important" projects that I have finally decided to pursue for this year.  The Man/lings prefer the heater set substantially lower than my (aching, aging) bones like, and I love the heaty blanket they bought me...but the thought of using the electricity for that makes me cringe.  So when I saw "Therapuetic Corn Pillows" at lehmans.com I immediately went looking for these:


Because I've got scrap fabric, and this cheapskate ain't payin' money for a bought one! 

2.  New tablecloths for the table.
I've been looking for some at thrift stores and yard sales, and I guess I'm just picky 'cause I haven't found a whole lot I like, not to mention we could use some new napkins and maybe even (gasp) placemats!  Can you imagine?  ;)  

The next question then is whether or not I'll have a new table by then.

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