01 December 2011

I have decided.  
I have decided (which is more than half the battle, y'know?)...AHEM.

I have decided:
a)  I will make the Lord my focus each day, and I will walk in the path He's set before my feet.  I will do this INTENTIONALLY.
b)  I will be the mother and wife I want to be.  If not now, then when?  Better to do it now.
c)   I will be more organized in 2012.
d)  I will post each night before bed as recap.
e)  I will get my Lists in order and keep them.
f)  I will start to catch up all of the projects I have started and not finished.
g)  I will clean the house from top to bottom, and I will be the Keeper of THIS House.
h)  I will get our Emergency Prep Plans back under control, and then I will implement them.  No more putting things off....not in these times.  

To further all these aims, I am using the rest of December as "Prep Month".  I need to get my planners updated and organized.  I've been woefully under-organized the last four years.  That must stop.  
Funny how once you make the Plan to Start, the adrenaline starts to flow.  One wouldn't equate the start of a race for instance with a (re)start of Homemaking.  But I suppose it's all the same to your brain chemistry.  It's an eagerly anticipated event, something to be sought after and waited for (however impatiently).  

And I've waited a LONG TIME to reach this point.  

I am home.  Thank God.

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