04 December 2011

So the guys gave me the whole month to be a "bum" and settle into being home.  Which is nice.  It means I can get myself oriented and organized and ready to tackle the rest of life.  So I started in on getting my Planners together--Household and Homeschool and Emergency Prep.  I've made some pretty serious progress too, in between episodes of Atlantis and trying to beat Manling #1 at Castleville.  

I realized as I was going through my computer and flash drive that I've got SO much stuff I didn't even remember downloading.  But it's nice to know I don't have to reinvent the wheel to get myself together.

I've also started making Lists of things that need doing--by Day or by Activity, as it works out.  There's a lot of Paperwork, so I'll probably break some of that down into individual days or rotate weeks or something.  Likewise the Scout Lists.  

One item I can't wait to get back on my Lists is the Scrapbook Time for Mom.  I haven't even looked at my scrapbooking stuff since March.  That was in reference to the Eagle Scout book...and it didn't get finished.  It's all piled up on the ledge in the upstairs hallway--don't ask, I have no idea why!!  (Especially when you realize my scrapbooking table is in the basement.  *eyeroll*  Yeah....) 
I need to get through the school stuff for after the holidays too.  But since most of that is already in The Box, it shouldn't take more than an afternoon to finish up.  

Now...since I'm on Day 11 of my Bum Time...we interrupt this post to bring you another Episode of Stargate Atlantis...Season Four!  YAY.

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