05 December 2011

why am I always tired?

Some times I think the reason I drug my feet for so long to get out of my part time job was mainly to do my lack of energy on any given day.  I've wondered for a while now if there isn't something physically wrong with me--'cause it seems there should be no real reason for my regular fatigue.  But how will I function now that I have no "real" excuse to blame my inactivity and inability to DO something on?

I get plenty of sleep.
I don't always eat as well as I would like or exercise as regularly as I want to, but neither are completely lacking either.
I don't drink much or stay up till extra late hours.

But on a normal day I will have to DRAG myself out of bed around 7:00 in the morning (sometimes closer to 8:00).  I then spend at least half an hour (usually more) checking email or blogs or just doing everything I can to avoid being a Mom...or even a Human Being.

I  have long thought it was probably a combination of Stress, Anxiety, and hormones.  I know that in November/December when it starts to get dark and cold, I have some degree of seasonal affective disorder.  (All I need is one sunny warm day in the middle of all the gloom to prove that theory.)  But there are days in the middle of July that I have the exact same problem.  And then there are the random days when there's no real reason at all.   

It's rough.  And I don't know why it is.  

So now it's a goal--to either make the problem go away or at the very least make it easier to live. 

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