30 May 2011


Ask anyone.  I have a Coffee Problem. 
It's tragic really.  I used to be a fairly normal girl.  I drank iced tea, water, occasionally the glass of apple juice.  Sometimes I'd have a beer if it was a social occasion. 

Now I live from cup of coffee to cup of coffee.  I tried to give it up for Lent this year.  That lasted all of a week...till the basement flooded and my Manlings very wisely handed me the largest hottest cup of coffee they could lay hands on before leading me down the steps to see The Flood.

I tell myself that if I really want to get serious about the weight loss thing, I should lay off the Java and start hitting the water.  But where's the fun in that???  I even switched to Almond Milk rather than regular milk in an attempt to convince myself that it's "not so bad" to have six cups before noon.

*sigh*  Not working.
So what coffee can't I live without if it's become the central part of my operating system? 

1.  New England Coffee's Blueberry Cobbler.  I'm sure for some of you coffee purists that sounds just awful, but my boss got me hooked at work in a rather underhanded fashion (she refused to make anything else for two weeks).  Now she and I are both devotees.
2.  Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla--I have to confess I only drink this if I go to the store to get it.  I love it fresh made (and not by me).  LOL
3.  Sheetz Vanilla Nut--Discovered on a roadtrip with a friend of mine (Rachel!) to see another friend (Meg!).  Have been unable to function properly without at least a cup or two a week since.  It's good stuff, guys.  If you need a quick fix?  This is the way to go.
4.  For plain ole coffee, I have to admit that I'm a Folgers girl.  There's not much to tell when it comes down to the bare nuts and bolts of my coffee problem.  I'm a redneck/cowgirl at heart, and if I've got no fancy fixins' I'm just fine with it hot and black. 

Just make sure you keep it comin'!

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