30 May 2011

The Weekly Canning

This week's canning will be relatively simple (I hope).  After spending the weekend putting the roof on the deck, I'm pooped.

Things to can this week:
1.  Strawberry jam--that's right, I managed to save a nice chunk of our strawberry crop from the robins.  So I will be canning jam this week!  YUM.  Am going to try the Pomona Pectin that one of the girls on the Home Canning Board recommended.  Cuts out the sugar and supposed to be dummyproof.
**Canned 7 jars of jam--kept one in the fridge "chus fer so".  YUM.  And the Pectin worked like a dream!  And fast.  
2.  Vegetable Broth--if I have time.  We're starting to run short so it's gotta be done sometime.
3.  Beans--only if I have fifteen spare minutes and have nothing better to do.  Don't see that happening.

**highlighted in red means Not Done. Crossed out means Done.

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