29 May 2011

The List of Lists (Part I)

For those of you who don't know me well, I LOVE lists.  There's just something about the orderliness of a well-made and checked off list that makes the OCD in my heart and soul sing with delight.

So, in order to take full advantage of this, I'm going to make my blog a series of lists.  Daily lists, project lists, general to-do lists, canning lists, storage lists.  You name it, I'm gonna make a list of it (if possible).  YAY!  I luff it!

What lists will I do this week?  Hmmm...let's see...
I should have some weekly lists:

1.  The Weekly Canning
2.  Cleaning This Week
3.  Counting My Blessings
4.  Tales from the Zoo
5.  Household Projects
6.  Steal a Moment for Myself (Books)
7.  A Look Back (and Ahead)

Mmmm...yes, I like this.  If all else fails, I can cut and paste while in the midst of five other things, right?  LOL

Some miscellaneous posts for this week:
1.  Reasons Why I Hate PA
2.  Coffee
3.  Tales of Parsley

Yes, I think I can manage this.  It will also be something fun for me to help keep track of stuff too.  ("Tales of Parsley" will be about the care, cultivation, and drying/freezing of parsley.  Something I need to remember anyway.)

Alright, that said, I'm going to go get some chores done and get back to this later.

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